What Health Disparities Look Like

A few great resources and perspectives recently hit the blogosphere on the topic of Queer health disparities:

Meena Thatikunta, a medical student at Northeast Ohio Medical University, peppers a compelling interview with a gay male med student colleague with important statistics about how Queer health is (or is not) addressed in medical education and training.

The Center for American Progress has another great interview with Drs. Claire Pomeroy and Edward Callahan, both of the University of California, Davis. Dr. Pomeroy, an infectious disease specialist, treated patients throughout the American AIDS epidemic, and recently published a piece in the Huffington Post about the ongoing need to address Queer health disparities.

Pomeroy points out that discrimination and limited healthcare access are not new to the Queer community, and Thatikunta reveals just how little information on the topic current students of medicine receive. But with both young and experienced healthcare professionals working to address these disparities, and reputable bodies finally taking note of their existence, progress can, and will, be made.


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